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Bring confidence to confidential

Exam Results

Think of all the various exam results and reports and to everyone waiting for their results, the information is of a private personal and CONFIDENTIAL nature.


Local education authorities, universities, examination boards, external 3rd party examination marking, academies and technical colleges all have a need to provide a cost effective secure way of printing, sealing and distributing the printed sheet.




Criminal Justice

The courts, the Criminal Justice System, Police, Social Services, Probation Service - they all have a need to print secure CONFIDENTIAL information, sealed ready for the post.



Medical Records

Think of all the private and confidential information related to people's medical status, a lot of which is also covered under the Data Protection Act, so it goes without saying, all patient details are CONFIDENTIAL.


There are many different health providers in the UK - primary care trusts, hospitals, mental health, sexual health to name a few. All of the health providers have a need to provide a cost effective, secure way of printing, sealing and distributing the printed sheet.

Insurance Companies

Think of all the various types of insurance there is, from the car, the home and it's contents, travel insurance, personal life cover, to name a few, the list goes on and on.


All of the different insurance companies require people to provide a range of private and personal information. The insurance companies have a need to print secure CONFIDENTIAL information, sealed, ready for the post.

Post Graduate and Graduate results
BTEC and Apprentice Scheme results
HNC and HND results
Adult Learning Course results
Police incident records
Missing persons reports
Child protection
People at risk
Notification of criminal evidence
Notice of a fixed penalty
Court warrants
Childhood immunisation
Health screening
GP and hospital clinic records
Health promotion checks
Results of examinations
Cheques paid out against claims
Renewal notes
Insurance certificates
Claims forms
General letters and information

SME Invoicing

SME's spend many hours each month printing and stuffing envelopes with invoices. It can often take two people the best part of a whole day to get the task completed.


Cypherseal's secure print mailer can complete the task in a fraction of the time, with a speed of up to 24 pages a minute means over 1000 single sheet invoices can be done in less than 1 hour.


The reality is, with Cypherseal's product there is no longer any need to batch the invoices to the end of the month. Cypherseal's solution is on line ready and invoices can be printed and sealed in 2.5 seconds from the click of the mouse, giving the SME the ability to post out invoices real time, improving efficiency, without the need for envelopes and producing a secure and tamper evident sealed document which is post bag ready.

Remittance advice
Confidential letters

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