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The secure mailing process.

A new standard for postal mail!

Fast, Efficient: Saves you time & money

• High overheads for mails costs? – SORTED
• Struggling to maintain document confidentiality? – SORTED
• Direct mail that clients just aren’t opening? - SORTED


Cypherseal is a mailing tool that delivers a new standard for post. It offers a cost saving to your business that is in excess of 50% when compared to traditional methods.

It’s a fact that conventional methods of printing and using envelopes have not changed for decades; they are just as vulnerable today as they ever have been. You cannot know who has seen or tampered with your mail, Cypherseal takes the standard of mail security to the next level, helping fight against fraud and identity theft.

Cypherseal is not just about making sure your document is safe, it also ensures that your document is seen! The unique presentation created by Cypherseal production means that your letter really stands out. No more ‘straight to waste’ for your client communication, you can now communicate far more effectively with you customer.

Oh....and if that’s not enough Cypherseal also ensures that you comply with the data protection act which could help you avoid a £500,000 fine!

Confidential Mail... Sorted!



What is confidential mail and who uses it?

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Insurance cheques
Medical records
Court summons
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