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The secure mailing process.

Cypherseal delivers a very fast and efficient way of document printing and sealing ready for the post, giving flexibility from producing a batch of one to many thousands of documents either at the office or to a remote location. The end result being a significant cost saving and simplification of end to end business which is achieved by:

  1. 100% office automation of printing and mailing.
  2. Elimination of envelopes & envelope stuffing.
  3. Significant reduction in human intervention and human error.
  4. Significant saving in administration overheads.
  5. Delivers a significant increase in efficiency.
  6. A tamper evident and securely sealed document for the post.

The payback by using Cypherseal is fast and varies on the amount of documents posted out each month.

Documents posted p/m

Payback period

1000 12 months
2000 6 months
4000 3 months

Additional savings for businesses using Cypherseal are:

  1. Reduction in space required for mail preparation.
  2. Reductionin storage for envelopes.
  3. A saving in the number of printers and printer consumables needed for printing documents for the post.

What is confidential mail and who uses it?

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Insurance cheques
Medical records
Exam Results
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